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Today 4 You: "Rent" Songfic Series

Today 4 U

*A cheery little SB/RL PWP...the first installment of the Rent songfic series! Just an FYI, this is for an ongoing project to write a ficlet based on certain lyrics in each song from the Rent motion picture soundtrack.*
Warnings: public sex, language, oh, and obviously slash

Back on the street where I met my sweet
Where he was moaning and groaning on the cold concrete

As Remus had discovered in their eight months together, nights out with Sirius were always an adventure, and usually ended in embarrassment, exhaustion, or unbelievable sex, if not all three. Standing at the door to their flat, he was busy wondering what the night would have in store, slightly dreading it after his particularly difficult and frustrating day job searching. He had a pounding headache and wanted nothing more than to lie in all night, perhaps be at the mercy of Sirius’s incredible tongue, but not spend another night in a noisy club sweating on strangers and dealing with the over-stimulation of his senses from the pulsing lights and ridiculous music. He pushed open the door with a sigh, praying that his boyfriend would be in one of his more mellow moods, a prayer that was quickly obliterated when he found himself on the floor, his face being licked mercilessly by a great black dog.

“Ow! Sirius, you great git, you’ll rip my face off!” Suddenly the dog became a lean young man, covering Remus’s body with his own and pressing kisses all along his face and neck.
“Better?” he asked with a mischievous grin, one that was not typical of his more mellow moods. Remus grunted and succumbed to Sirius’s lips as they worked their way across his jaw line and finally found his mouth, pressing it to his own for a searing kiss. It was as if he was trying to suck all the days’ frustrations out of Remus through his eager mouth, so he groaned when Sirius pulled away and stood up, brushing off his fashionable Muggle clothes.
“Now, now,” he smirked, “don’t be greedy. We go out tonight, and I have something good planned; as much as I’d love to take you right here in the middle of the hallway,” he looked around for any of their neighbors, as they had indeed been positioned half in the hall for their little snogging session, and noticing only one girl about their age glancing at the two from her doorway and rolling her eyes as if this sort of thing happened far too many times to be considered a bother anymore, he continued, “I don’t want to drain all your energy at the moment.” He held a hand out, and Remus took it, pulling himself up and through the doorway.

“You know, Sirius, I was thinking,” Remus said tentatively as he closed the door and hung his coat on the rack next to him, “what if we didn’t go anywhere tonight. You know, just lie around, eat take-out, shag a couple times and fall asleep.” Sirius yelped in mock-surprise and looked at Remus with his best puppy-dog eyes.
“But love, it’s our night to go out! I spent all week thinking of what to do, you can’t bail on me now, even with the promise of Chinese food and sex!” Remus sighed,
“Oh fine, but please don’t drag me to another club.” Sirius grinned wickedly,
“I wouldn’t dream of it. Now go get changed,” Remus walked into their bedroom to do so and Sirius yelled after him, “Make sure it’s something warm!”

A half-hour later, Remus hopped onto the back of Sirius’s motorcycle, and wrapped his arms around the other’s waist before speeding off down the rain-soaked street far faster than any normal motorcycle. This one, (of course, since what couldn’t Sirius do with Charms) had been bewitched to go wherever Sirius told it to, almost like Floo Powder, but without the nausea and instantaneous arrival. He buried his face in between Sirius’s shoulder blades, and sighed happily, glad the hard part of the day was over, and shivering slightly as the cold blasts of wind chiseled away his melancholy mood. By the time they stopped, he was feeling infinitely better, and gave his lover a kiss on the cheek when his feet hit the ground. They stood outside his favorite restaurant – a quiet, smoky, sophisticate attraction – it was a bit expensive, but Sirius had the money and Remus would not complain about being pampered tonight. One word with the host and they had the corner of the cozy dining hall to themselves; it was as Sirius promised, no club, no deafening music, no strangers to fend off, just the two of them enjoying each other’s company, or at least that’s what Remus thought when he sat down.

It all started when they picked their wine for the evening. Remus had just begun to ask if there was anything Sirius wanted in particular, when he felt someone’s feet in his lap. The waiter looked at him quizzically as he squirmed in his seat and finished the question, while Sirius sat across from him with a look so innocent it suggested sinfulness. Being adventurous and forward, this had happened before in various restaurants, but never in front of other people, and Remus glared at the other boy when the waiter left them. “What the hell, Sirius!” Remus hissed, mostly annoyed and only slightly amused by his lover’s behavior.
“What?” Sirius feigned innocence, “did you not like the one I chose?” His mouth transformed from innocent smile to devilish smirk almost immediately as he moved his feet so they were more conveniently placed between Remus’s legs, knowing by now the perfect position to take in order to get a rise out of his boyfriend, both emotionally and physically – feeling blindly, he thought it was going quite well. He had managed to undo his shoes and slip them off under the table without Remus’s having noticed, and the new developments were having quite an effect on him, however much he would argue against it.

“For Merlin’s sake, we’re in public!” Sirius gasped so loudly that someone a few tables down turned to look,
“Really?! Well look at that, you’re absolutely right!” he exclaimed, but did not cease rubbing Remus’s growing erection through his jeans. Remus would have taken that moment to yell at him, but their waiter picked this rather inconvenient moment to show up and request their dinner orders. Sirius’s face was the picture of serenity as he ordered; Remus on the other hand, did not look so well. Those damned feet were still in his lap, continuing their unceasing work, driving him insane in the process considering the skilled feet couldn’t open the zipper and give him some room.

“Sir, are you alright? Do you need anything?” the waiter looked down at his flushed face and his chest heaving slightly with the same look on his face as before, but Remus shook his head wildly with a polite thank-you-anyway, and he left them alone again. He was reaching the point where he was willing to let Sirius do almost anything, as long as it somehow involved a part of his body touching Remus’s or getting him out of his confining pants. When their food came, however, Remus did not, and Sirius stopped the gentle working of his feet leaving a wholly unsatisfied man sitting opposite him. Trying to ignore his frustration, Remus enjoyed his food and asked for the check early so that they could go home and Sirius could finish what he started. He voiced that desire to his mischievous boyfriend who only nodded in agreement, and they walked out of the restaurant hand in hand. It was all Remus could do not to grind too hard against Sirius when they climbed back on his motorcycle, and he stifled a giggle as Sirius pressed back against him with the smallest groan and started the bike.

It didn’t take him long to realize that the bike wasn’t taking them on the normal route towards home, but he figured that it was just another of Sirius’s scenic routes and he snuggled closer to him and closed his eyes to avoid the chilling wind sweeping over him. When they stopped again, he opened his eyes expecting to see the familiar bricks of their building, but instead he saw different familiar bricks, and sat up with a start. “Sirius, why are we in Diagon Alley?” Remus was disappointed; he was still reeling from the performance at dinner, and was eager to end this night with one of he and Sirius’s spectacular shags. He received a kiss on the cheek for his worried glance.
“You’ll see, love.” He took Remus by the hand and led him down the street, which was surprisingly still bustling with wizards and witches out for some late night shopping and carousing. They passed some of their favorite shops, and any minute Remus expected he would be pulled into one and be forced to feign interest while his spontaneous boyfriend bought something outrageous, but the moment never came.

Suddenly Sirius jerked hard on his hand and he found himself in a dark alleyway, pressed hard against the freezing stone, Sirius’s mouth relentless on his own, hands everywhere, fisting his hair, running over his chest, his hips, his back, everywhere. Remus moaned into Sirius’s mouth, and their tongues collided, both battling for dominance, and he began to use his hands as well, stroking Sirius’s hair and back, being slightly less fierce than his partner. A sudden pressure on the most sensitive bit of his anatomy caused him to start, and he felt the familiar warmth and touch of Sirius’s hand groping him through his jeans.
“Oh, bloody hell, Sirius; you’ve been teasing me all night. Now, I want you now.” The smirk reappeared and Sirius said,
“My thoughts exactly. I’m going to give you a little lesson in enjoying exhibitionism.” Remus panicked, he had forgotten they were still in public, in the middle of Diagon Alley no less! But before he had time to think, Sirius was on his knees and had pulled his jeans down to the middle of his thighs, grinning when he saw they were the only thing between him and Remus’s erection. “You cheeky little werewolf,” he muttered as he took Remus’s semi-hard cock in his hand and began to stroke gently.
“Sirius...Sirius, wait...” a stream of worries flew out of his mouth, but Sirius ignored them all and continued, “all these people...we can’t...I don’t think…should stop...” but after a minute, though his babbling didn’t cease, he stopped frantically searching for a glimpse of another human being and laid his head against the stone behind it, his eyes closed. “ Sirius, we really should...wait...oh Merlin...oh Sirius...dammit!” Sirius had fixed his mouth where his hand had been, not wasting any more time kissing or letting his tongue flutter aimlessly. No, that tongue had one goal and it was to make Remus come in the middle of that alley from possibly one of the best blowjobs of his young life, and it was succeeding quite well.

The panting werewolf could not believe how close he was already. It could have been the way Sirius was sucking him, like there would be no tomorrow and this was the last thing he ever got to do – it was harder, and faster than it had ever been before, but it seemed to fit the scene well. After all, they were still surrounded by people on either side, and the darkness that concealed their forms wouldn’t contain the moans of lust that were escaping his mouth. Remus ran a hand through Sirius’s dark hair, eliciting a moan from the other boy, creating unbelievable vibrations along his shaft that brought him to the edge, the tiniest push and he’d be gone without a trace. “Sirius…I…” but Sirius already knew his lover was oh so close, they’d been together for a while, after all, and best friends for years before that – he could read Remus’s voice like a children’s book. One more carefully placed lick, followed by the feeling of being fully sheathed in Sirius’s mouth shoved him over the proverbial edge and he let out a moan so loud it was almost a scream, and he felt his lover swallow every last drop.

Still panting, he slid down the wall and looked into Sirius’s eyes. They were widening, like they did when he’s had another brilliant idea (that usually got them into severe trouble), but Remus kissed him anyway, soft at first, then more intense as Sirius leaned into it and forced his tongue into Remus’s mouth. Not feeling Sirius’s hands somewhere on his body was quite a surprise, so he looked down and found that they were carefully undoing his own light blue jeans, now filthy from the knee down from the wet ground. He broke the kiss, watching his and his boyfriend’s breath form little clouds in the freezing air, savoring the taste of both Sirius and himself that was on his lips. Of course, he would return the favor, after all, it was only fair, but when Remus tried to reach his hands down to pull on his own pants and Sirius batted them away, he knew his lover had something else in mind. “Here, Sirius?! Right now?!” The other man smirked and nodded as he pulled a small tube out of his pocket.
“Uh-huh, I need you, love. Right. Now.”

Before he could take another breath, Sirius pushed a slick finger into Remus’s opening and moved his lover’s hand to his arousal. “Still want me to stop?” Glancing around reluctantly and seeing that a majority of the late-nighter’s had left, he bit his lip, and shaking his head, he began to stroke Sirius diligently. Groaning softly, Sirius relished in the feel of Remus’s experienced and loving fingers, and laid his forehead on the werewolf’s chest while his fingers continued their own work, preparing Remus to be shagged senseless. Before long, he was buried three fingers deep, Remus was recovering from the earlier blowjob and was half-hard already, while Sirius’s cock throbbed under his lover’s touch. He heard a gasping sob escape Remus’s lips and brought his chrome-tinted eyes to meet the warm brown ones above him.
“Please, Sirius. Need you.” Sirius smiled,
“Need you too, love; let’s go.” He wrapped Remus’s legs around his waist and stood, hauling him up and pressing him against the chilling stone. In one swift motion, he pushed as far as he could within him, and Remus let out a keening wail akin to a wolf’s howl and he steadied himself by grabbing fistfuls of Sirius’ hair. He was suddenly incredibly grateful for the heavy coat he had put on, being only able to imagine the kind of damage his already scarred back would have sustained if it were unclothed and being scraped up and down along the rough stone as he was at the moment. Sirius’s face below him was screwed up in concentration, trying to focus on steadying his thrusts into a rhythm and keeping Remus from falling on his beautiful arse. Remus took one of his hands out from Sirius’s hair and caressed his cheek,
“Relax, Sirius. You’re – oh fuck – never going to come if – oh God, fuck Sirius – now!” With a cry, he trust back into Sirius’s hips, tightening the muscles around him, and Sirius cried out as well, using his remaining energy on the final thrust, and followed his lover’s command. They toppled over in a tangle of limbs, breathless and trembling, falling to the icy concrete below them.

Though it was insanity to stay half-naked on the ground, their most sensitive parts exposed to the bitter cold, neither man seemed to be able to do anything but that, until, however, they heard a shocked gasp from one end of the alley. Sirius grabbed his wand and hit them both with a Scourgify as they scrambled to cover themselves from the gaze of the intruder, but succeeding only in falling on top of each other again.
“Mr. Black. Mr. Lupin. I trust you have a good reason for exposing the entire Wizarding World to a rather graphic view of your exploits.” Both young men groaned upon recognizing the voice, and finally managed to return their clothes to their appropriate positions on their bodies; despite what they’d just done, the voice of their former Head of House and Transfiguration teacher made them feel like first-years again. Sirius, as always, recovered his inherited grace before Remus,
“We do, Professor, but probably none that you would be inclined to hear.” McGonagall gave the two of them a disgusted look,
“I should not be surprised, you seem to have a knack for causing trouble, why on earth should it stop once you leave school?” She shot a particularly fierce glance in Remus’s direction, “I am surprised, however, that you let this miscreant talk you into something of this sort, Remus.” He just blushed and shrugged, leaning into Sirius and putting an arm around his waist,
“So am I, Professor, so am I.” But then again, it was just another night out with Sirius.
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