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Puppies For Rent - Sirius/Remus
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Date:2006-08-21 20:51
Subject:Goodbye Love III v.ii (Through Blood, By Steel III)

Title: Through Blood, By Steel: Chapter 3/? (Goodbye Love III v.ii)
Pairing: Remus/Sirius
Word Count: 2620
Summary: In their last year at Hogwarts, Remus and Sirius finally give their relationship a chance, but a dangerous ritual, guilt, and fear threatens to ruin their bond forever. MWPP, flangst, multi-chapter
Rating (by chapter): NC-17 to be safe
Warnings (by chapter): sexual/physical abuse, language, violence
Disclaimer: The boys aren't mine, Hogwarts isn't mine, the Wizarding world isn't mine, basically, anything about which I could be sued for writing isn't mine. The plot, however, and a few choice characters are mine – hooray!
Author's Notes: Okay so! I know I haven't posted another songfic in the series since forever, but it's mostly because I was working on one and decided to turn it into a part of a multi-chapter. This is the result. You don't necessarily have to read the rest of it to understand what's going on, but it leaves off very unresolved. The lyrics from which it's inspired come from "Goodbye Love", which I seperated into three parts based on the musical sections. A friend requested that I do these lyrics, but I liked the plan for the ones I had chosen, so there are two versions. *sigh* So at the end, there will be 4 songfics from "Goodbye Love". Alright, onto the fic!

For those of you want to read it, here are links to the first two chapters:

Through Blood, By Steel IIICollapse )

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Date:2006-04-05 18:43
Subject:Light My Candle - FIC
Mood: melty

Light My Candle
Rating:PG-13 – adult themes, suggestive language
Warnings: AU (GoF & OotP canon slaughtered), flashback of Remus/OMC, language, half-fluff half-angst
Word Count:5,850 (approx)
Summary: Two men are separated by years and memories.
Notes:*This story is my baby, and it actually kind of ended up writing itself; it’s not really how I thought it would turn out at all, but I hope you approve! Also, a fact which I found slightly amusing/ironic – about half of this was written while I was teaching on a church retreat. Lol, oh me. This song is a conversation between two people, so every other line belongs to the same person… does that make sense? Oh, also, I didn’t want to change the original lyrics, but the pronouns/name would have to be changed to fit the story. I’m making it sound a lot more complicated than it really is – you’ll get it... Third installment in the Rent songfic series! Just a FYI, this is for an ongoing project to write a ficlet based on certain lyrics in each song from the Rent motion picture soundtrack.*

-Got a light?
-I know you, you’re – you’re shivering...
-It’s nothing, they turned off my heat, and I’m just a little weak on my feet... What are you staring at?
-Nothing – your hair in the moonlight... you look familiar... Can you make it?
-Just haven’t eaten much today, at least the room stopped spinning anyway... What?
-Nothing, your smile reminded me of...
-I always remind people of – who was she?
-She died; her name was April.
-Sorry ‘bout your friend

Light My CandleCollapse )

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Date:2006-04-04 03:54
Subject:LMC on the Way
Mood: excited

The next Rent songfic is done, just waiting to be "beta"ed. It's a little long, so I'll probably seperate it into two parts. No, this post didn't really have a purpose, just a little celebration to myself that it's FINALLY done! It's from "Light My Candle" by the way. Thanks for your patience!

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Date:2006-03-29 16:23
Subject:Mod Post: La Vie Boheme
Mood: cheerful

Just a little post to bide my time until I finish Light My Candle, which will be soon.

I have a request. If you know Rent, you know that one of the most popular songs is "La Vie Boheme", and it's basically a really long list of things "relating to" bohemian life. I've thought for hours about the lyrics to use for a songfic, and I just can't decide. So! I'm deciding to take the easy way out and ask for requests - I'm posting the lyrics here behind a cut, so just leave a comment telling me which ones you'd like to hear about, at least a couple lines, and they do not by any means have to be close to each other - it could be the first and last line, if that's really what you want to hear. Oh, and please don't make it the most obscure ones possible, or like, all the people they talk about...I only know stuff from a few, and I doubt it would turn out very well.

Thanks again!

La Vie Boheme LYRICSCollapse )

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Date:2006-03-24 14:45
Subject:Your Eyes
Mood: amused

Your Eyes
Rating: R

Warnings: Teeny tiny bit of language, strongly “implied” sexual acts (but not graphic, that’s why it’s just R)
Summary: Mostly fluff, post-Azkaban and slightly shorter than I’m used to *shrug* hope you still like it...second installment in the Rent songfic series! Just an FYI, this is for an ongoing project to write a ficlet based on certain lyrics in each song from the Rent motion picture soundtrack.*

Where there’s moonlight, I see your eyes
How’d I let you slip away when I’m longing so to hold you

There’s something I should have told you when I looked into your eyes
Why does distance make us wise?

I should tell you, I should tell you – I have always loved you
You can see it in my eyes

Your EyesCollapse )

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Date:2006-03-20 19:33
Subject:Today 4 You: "Rent" Songfic Series
Mood: accomplished

Today 4 U

*A cheery little SB/RL PWP...the first installment of the Rent songfic series! Just an FYI, this is for an ongoing project to write a ficlet based on certain lyrics in each song from the Rent motion picture soundtrack.*
Warnings: public sex, language, oh, and obviously slash

Back on the street where I met my sweet
Where he was moaning and groaning on the cold concrete

Gimme that slashy goodness!Collapse )

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Date:2006-03-20 05:49
Subject:ART: Alone (G)
Mood: tired

Title: Alone
Rating: G

AloneCollapse )

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Date:2006-03-19 15:21
Subject:The "Rent" Songfic Series
Mood: busy

Okay, when we started this community we decided to write a ficlet for each song on the Rent motion picture soundtrack. The first one will be posted soon...I hope they'll turn out okay!

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Date:2006-03-17 20:44
Subject:ART: I Should Tell You (G)
Mood: sleepy

Title: I Should Tell You...
Rating: G

I should tell you...Collapse )

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Date:2006-03-16 03:35
Subject:Quick Run
Mood: curious

"Say Something. Anything."
"Test, 1, 2, 3..."
Anything but... that."

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